Worship Services

Sunday School

The Adult Sunday School class meets on Sunday mornings at 9:45 am in the church refectory. There is a brief opening program consisting of several hymns, prayer, a short devotional, and church announcements.

After a short coffee break, members and visitors move into a tastefully decorated room, provided by the Adult Day Care Center.

Our gifted teachers each teach a different Sunday. Lessons are based on the Adult Bible Studies, and each class member has a lesson book from which to study.  Lively and informed discussions often accompany the lesson.

11am Worship

Enter our church as a stranger, but leave as our friend. No dreaded introductions, no secret handshake, just a welcoming visit. You do not need to be a United Methodist to worship and fellowship with us.

There is a staffed nursery for young children during services and a comfortable changing area adjacent to our sanctuary.