In Abundance and In Need Independance Day WOrship Service behind the music at Court Street UMC Downtown Lynchburg, VA
As we gathered last Sunday to worship and celebrate Independence Day, our theme, “In Abundance and […]
Spirit of God. Behind the Music at Court Street UMC Downtown Lynchburg, Virginia.
As we welcome the first weekend of summer, our worship service invites you to reflect on […]
Father's Day Behind the Music Blog Confidence in Value happy Father's Day
This week’s sermon, “Confidence in Value,” focuses on the teachings of Matthew 10:24-31, where Jesus reassures […]
Turning Opposition into Opportunity. Lit candle, Jesus molding the clay pots.
Welcome to this week’s “Behind the Music” post! We’re excited to delve into the musical selections […]
Behind the Music: Trinity Sunday and Memorial Day Weekend This week’s service intertwines the solemn remembrance […]
Court Street UMC Main Page Background
The Day of Pentecost Watch our service! Prelude Sun of My Soul by Gesangbuch The Call to […]
Music at Court Street
Our Easter service blossoms into an interwoven musical tapestry, each hymn and anthem meticulously chosen to […]
Bell Tower
This week, as we gather in worship, we are met with songs carefully chosen to reflect […]
In the sacred echoes of our worship at Court Street, we find hymns and songs that […]
Bell Tower
Scripture: Jeremiah 17:5-10 Watch the service here. Prelude: “As the Dew from Heaven Distilling” – Joseph […]